Reaching energy levels never before experienced is possible

Maximize your energy with your nutrition

Tired of running out of juice during your workouts?

You'd like to enjoy your weekend afternoons with your family, but you're too tired from your long trip and need to take it easy?

Do you know that nutrition is the limiting factor in improving your performance and energy level on a daily basis and that having a thorough understanding of the subject would be very helpful?

We recognize that there is nothing more distressing than wanting to improve an aspect of your life and not having clear guidelines to follow to get there.

Trying to do it on our own, searching for more information, without knowing what will really work for us, often results in a feeling of helplessness and a waste of energy and time.

We also understand that not knowing the optimal nutritional recommendations is very detrimental to your well-being and usually creates a lot of doubt when making decisions about meals, snacks and hydration. In short, it adds to the mental burden.

It's possible for you!

The EDGE program is the result of 8 years of experience in sports nutrition as a nutritionist and sports nutrition coach.

It’s the perfect combination of training and 1 on 1 coaching to get you to energy levels you’ve never felt before, both in your daily life and during training and competition!

After EDGE, your family and friends will ask you what you changed in your nutrition to be so energetic!

After EDGE, your training partners will want to know your miracle recipe that explains your new personal records!

After EDGE, you won’t want to go back to your old reality, where going for a long run means being exhausted in the afternoon…

If this is your current situation, we are here for you!

We can help you solve this crippling problem once and for all.

All you have to do is accept the hand we’re holding out to you.

We have helped dozens of athletes with their nutrition. We know the way to your ultimate goal!

More results from EDGE athletes

Julie Lizotte

EDGE graduate athlete, triathlete who now knows how to adapt her nutrition to her training!

” I finished my half Ironman and still had energy! ”

Mélanie Rocher

EDGE graduate athlete, Ironwoman

” It changed my life, it completely changed everything, it changed the way I train too. ”

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